InPlay SureBets tips for Sports Arbitrage beginners

InPlay SureBets tips – Introduction

Sports Arbitrage betting is not that hard but as every other business (investment) you need to prepare yourself and make some research before getting started with it. Let’s say you have already made a research and have read all the articles from blog and you are ready to purchase a subscription at OddStorm. Now you have to choose which of their Web and Desktop App is more comfortable for you to use. They both provide the same speed and quality, so it is a matter of taste. Here comes the “hard” part – you need to choose from InPlay and PreMatch surebets. From our previous articles, you already might know that as a beginner our advice is to choose PreMatch because you have more time for reaction basically for everything.

But Prematch is not that attractive in point of view of profit compared with InPlay and this is what pushes most of the sports arbitrage beginners to skip PreMatch and go straight to InPlay. But when it comes time to start betting on InPlay and you open the window, suddenly surebets starts appearing and disappearing every second, the alarm for surebets is beeping all the time, everything happens so fast… It is a complete mess and you can’t figure out what’s going on! Here is the moment where most of the adventures that jump directly to InPlay make a step back to PreMatch until they get some experience. But if you are stubborn and don’t want to give up, just keep reading and you will find out how to make your first time spent on InPlay easier to understand, more comfortable and the most important – profitable! It is time to get you involved into the “InPlay surebets tips” to help you make a successful start at your sports arbitrage career.

InPlay SureBets tips – First Steps

Step one – choose only 3 to 5 bookmakers for your surebets. You can do this by clicking on “bookmakers” on the left top corner for both the Web and Desktop App and tick on the wanted bookies. This will decrease the number of the surebets few times and will make it easier to orientate because now you know that there are only 3 to 5 bookmakers that could appear and the list with surebets won’t change so fast. If you wonder which bookmakers to choose, this article will help you: “Suggested bookmakers for beginners“.

Desktop App

InPlay Surebets tips

Web App

InPlay Surebets tips


Second step – choose only two legs. You can do this by clicking on “settings” on the left top corner for both the Web and Desktop App and tick on “Legs are” and enter “2”. This will lead to showing only 2-ways arbitrages (arbitrages where you need to make only two bets) on the surebets list.

Desktop App

InPlay Surebets tips

Web App

InPlay Surebets tips


Third step – one more good filter for newcomers is to check only HalfTime arbitrages, which are safe and not exposed to goal scores during arb bet. You can do this by clicking on “settings” on the left top corner for both the Web and Desktop App and tick on “Event is on Half time”.

Desktop App

InPlay Surebets tips

Web App

InPlay Surebets tips

InPlay SureBets Tips – Summerize

The point of making these changes is to decrease the numbers of the surebets. This way it will have less different bet types and fewer bookmakers to switch from. All this will lead to slower appearing and disappearing of the arbitrages and won’t be so confusing. One more thing you should know is that when you click on the arbitrage and the calculator appears, even if the arbitrage disappears from the surebets list, if it is not colored in “red” this means it is still active and you can continue with the placing of the bet. It is hard only in the beginning, but when you get used to it you can add more legs or remove the tick on half time which will lead to more surebets on your list.

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