Surebet – the smart way to beat the bookies

What is surebet?

Surebet is also known as "Sports Arbitrage" or "Arbitrage Betting". It means to place a bet on two or more competing bookmakers, on the same event, on all possible outcomes and win no matter the match end result. This is possible by catching the odds difference between the competing bookmakers. For this purpose, you need reliable surebet software.

Surebet Beat The Bookies

In order to place successfully a surebet without using sure bet software you need to:

  • - scan all the odds of at least 2 bookmakers every 1-3 seconds
  • - make calculations with these odds for all the possible scenarios where you are 100% winner
  • - find the betting event page on the competing bookmakers and place the bet

Usually, you have to do all the mentioned steps for less than 1 minute (for InPlay for less than 30 seconds), so subscribing for such service is something you definitely must do because it is impossible to handle all this on time by yourself. The main leader in sports arbitrage betting services (also famous as “alert service”, “surebet service”, “sports arbitrage service”, “surebets finder”, “arbitrage betting software”) from 2006 until now is OddStorm.

OddStorm is the fastest surebet delivery service. It scans more than 70 bookmakers every 1-3 seconds and navigates you straight to the betting event page. A single surebet exists only for a short period and that’s why speed is everything in sports arbitrage betting, so you will need a service that will help you to place the bet on time before it disappears.

Now you know how it will look like to place a surebet without using the appropriate software and we are sure you have convinced that it is impossible to be accomplished on time. Let’s make a short list with the steps to place a sure bet when you are already subscribed for OddStorm ( we are using OddStorm as an example because it provides the most easy and reliable way to place surebets and it is the fastest service on the market ):

  • - select arbitrage from the list with surebets and click on it ( you don’t need to scan the bookies and calculate the scenarios anymore as OddStorm will do all this for you and you don’t need to find the betting event manually because by clicking on the arbitrage you will be directed straight to the betting event page with loaded bet slip with the odds )
  • - enter the amount and click “bet” ( as your bet slip is already loaded automatically by OddStorm navigation, all you need to do is enter the amount which is shown in the arbitrage calculator and place the bet )
  • - That’s all!

Surebet in details

We are going to explain how to calculate surebets and show you just few scenarios for arbitrages as they are too many. For this purpose we are going to use screenshots of the surebet calculator from OddStorm Desktop App.

/Surebet example 1/

Surebet Calculator PreMatch

We have chosen arbitrage with 2 outcomes (1X and 2) from the left and you can see the calculator for this surebet on the right. In this case, you have to place total 194.24 and will win 18.76 (9.66%) no matter the result of the match. Let’s see the math behind this:

Above we have surebet with Admiralbet and SBObet.

  • Match:
    • Zhetysu Taldykorgan – FK Aktobe
  • Outcomes:
    • 1) 1X at 2.13 – Admiralbet (“Zhetysu Taldykorgan” to Win or match to be Draw)
    • 2) 2 at 2.26 – SBObet (“FK Aktobe” to Win)
  • If we bet 100.00 on Admiralbet, we have to bet 94.24 on SBObet to win 18.76
  • Let’s calculate:
    • 1.1) If “Zhetysu Taldykorgan” Win or match is Draw, you will win 100 x 2.13 – (100 + 94.24) = 213.00 – 194.24 = 18.76
    • 2.1) If “FK Aktobe” Win, you will win 94.24 x 2.26 – (100 + 94.24) = 213.00 – 194.24 = 18.76

/Surebet example 2/

Surebet Calculaotr InPlay

We have chosen arbitrage with 2 outcomes (Over and Under). In this case you have to place total 145.30 and will win 18.70 (12.87%) no matter the result of the match. Let’s see the math behind this:

Above we have surebet with 188Bet and 1xBet.

  • Match:
    • Denmark U23 – Honduras U23
  • Outcomes:
    • 1) Over (6.5) at 1.64 – 188Bet (total goals to be 7 or more)
    • 2) Under (6.5) at 3.62 – 1xBet (total goals to be 6 or less)
  • If we bet 100.00 on 188Bet, we have to bet 45.30 on 1xBet to win 18.70
  • Let’s calculate:
    • 1.1) If total goals are 7 or more (Over 6.5) you will win 100 x 1.64 – (100 + 45.30) = 164.00 – 145.30 = 18.70
    • 2.1) If total goals are 6 or less (Under 6.5) you will win 45.30 x 3.62 – (100 + 45.30) = 164.00 – 145.30 = 18.70

As you can see no matter how many goals are scored you are always a winner! You can bet with higher stakes, by just entering the preferred amount in the calculator and click “calculate”. It will instantly recalculate your stakes. If the odds in the bookmaker have changed during your calculations, just double click on the black part of the left top corner of the surebet calculator and you will be re - navigated to the betting event page with the new bet slip.

This is one of the things you should be careful about before placing the surebet. There are few other cases like this one, all described in our training program. It includes also many video tutorials, actual examples explained in details and test to check what you have learned.

How to beat the bookies?

The only sure way to beat the bookies is by surebets. The bookmakers will always have different odds than its competitors for same events and this will always lead to an arbitrage opportunity. Arbitrage betting is 100% legal as you are not taking advantage of bookmaker mistakes. You are just comparing odds and placing bets. No one can stop you to compare odds and the only thing the bookmakers could do is to limit your account in order to make you stop placing bets, but they are still obligated to pay your winnings. So that's it, this is how we could beat the bookies!


Surebets are the surest way to beat the bookies, but you need to be prepared before getting in this “fight”. You already know which is the best surebet software, but there are also many other things that are recommended to learn in order to prevent making mistakes and losing money. In the complete course, you will also find frequently updated and complete tutorial how to use OddStorm. Following our arbitrage guides will guarantee you easier and quick rising in the sports arbitrage betting business and the most important - it will guarantee you profit!

Wish you happy arbing and good luck with the surebets!

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FREE Arbitrage Training course

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