Arbitrage Betting - in terms of Law and Bookmakers

Arbitrage Betting – in terms of Law and Bookmakers

Arbitrage Betting Explained - what is arbitrage betting?

Arbitrage Betting is also known as "Sports Arbitrage" or "Sure Bet". Arbitrage Betting means to bet on all outcomes on sport event and win no matter the result. It uses "surebet software" to collect and calculate the odds differential between the competing bookmakers or betting exchanges and shows you the arbitrage opportunities. All you have to do is place stakes on all outcomes and for this, you are guaranteed a profit. You don't even need to be interested in sports or betting to make money from it. Just look on it as an investment - very similiar to forex trading.

Is arbitrage betting legal?

This is one of the first questions that appears when it comes time to start practising arbitrage betting. But don't worry, sports arbitrage betting with OddStorm is absolutely legal! It is like making regular bets but with their advice where to place the bets. The only problem you can meet is if a sports online gambling is forbidden by law in the place from where you want to practice it. So relax and don't hurry to give up on this business. But before starting your arbing career, there is a lot more to read if you want to start it successfully... so we suggest you to keep reading.

What the bookmakers think for arbing and arbers?

When we already know it is legal, the next thing we might find very quickly is that the bookmakers limit the arbitrage players. So the second question that appears in our heads is why if it is legal, the bookmakers don't like arbitrage bettors anyway? Well, most of the bookmakers don’t like sports arbitrage players, but there are other bookmakers that are right on the opposite side and welcome these players. It depends on of what is the politics of the bookmaker and how are they moving their odds (the margin). Bookmakers with different margin are separated into two groups: soft and sharp bookmakers. Sharp bookmakers are the leader of the bookmakers and they welcome arbitrage players because they can afford to take higher risk. Arbitrage players actually help to restore the balance of their odds margin. Soft bookmakers are literally led by sharp bookmakers and they actually try not to get involved in arbitrage situations between them and Sharp bookmakers. They are not moving their odds automatically as sharp does and when hundreds of arbitrage bettors start placing bets at the same time on the same event, they are destroying the balance and soft bookmakers could lose money because of it.

Other simple explanation with an example for why some of the bookmakers don't like sports arbitrage investors is if we theoretically bet on bookmaker “A” and bet on bookmaker “B” we are going to lose our bet in one of them (for example on bookmaker “B”) and bookmaker “B” will win from our loss. This way bookmaker “A” will be angry because we are going to win our bet on it and he will lose money.

But what if next time it happens the same thing but on opposite bookmakers – to win on bookmaker "B" and loose on bookmaker “A”? This time bookmaker “A” will win from our loss and bookmaker “B” should be angry.

It is all on chance and sometimes it could be balanced like this situation or sometimes one of the bookmakers could lose all the time and the other to win all the time. Some of the bookmakers prefer not to take this risk and that’s why they limit the arbitrage players. But some of the bookmakers like to take this risk and welcome arbitrage bettors. Arbitrage Guides are also in good partnership with some of them like Pinnacle and if you are our or OddStorm customers and the bookmakers know that you won’t meet any problems.

So the answer to the question “Do bookmakers like or dislike arbitrage betting” will be “It depends on their politic”.

There are also arbitrage friendly betting exchanges like Betfair which also welcomes arbitrage bettors and there are many arbitrage opportunities between it and soft bookmakers. We highly recommend you to sign up and add it on your list with bookmakers.

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