Three-way sure bets in Sports Arbitrage Betting

three-way sure bets

What is three-way sure bets (3 – legs)?

For three-way sure bets (3-way cross market) the situation is a little more difficult than the two-way sure bets. It replaces a home team victory or a visiting team victory by 1, 2, or X. This means that if you bet in bookmaker A for a home victory, you will need to cover it by placing a bet on bookmaker B with visitor victory and also to place a bet on bookmaker C for Draw. Sometimes bookmaker B could be the same as bookmaker A or C.

Three-way sure bets /Example 1/

Liverpool (1) 1.50 100.00€ Bookmaker A
Draw (X) 6.00 25.00€ Bookmaker B
Real Madrid (2) 8.10 18.52€ Bookmaker C
Let’s calculate:

1) If Liverpool win 1.5*100 = 150€;
150.00 – 100.00 – 25.00 – 18.51 = 6.49€ profit.

2) If Real Madrid win 8.1*18.52 = 150,01€;
150.00 – 100.00 – 25.00 – 18.51 = 6.52€ profit.

3) If it is Draw 6*25 = 150€
150.00 – 100.00 – 25.00 – 18.51 = 6.49€ profit.

At the end, you will still win 6,5€.

Three-way sure bets /Example 2/

Liverpool (AH1,+0) 3.00 100.00€ Bookmaker A
Draw (X) 3.81 52.50€ Bookmaker B
Real Madrid (2) 4.50 66.66€ Bookmaker C
Let’s calculate:

1) If Liverpool win 3*100 = 300€;
300.00 – 100.00 – 52.50 – 66.66 = 80.84€ profit.

2) If Real Madrid win 4.5*66.66=299.97€
299.97 – 100.00 – 52.50 – 66.66 = 80.81€ profit.

3) If it is Draw 3.81*52.5 = 200.03€.
200.03 – 52.50 – 66.66 = 80.87€ profit.

Here we are not calculating 100€ as an expense because AH1,+0 means a home team to win and if the match is draw the whole bet will be void and you will get back your 100€ stakes.

At the end, you will still win 80,85€.

There are thousands of combinations and these 2 examples are only a drop in the rain. For the beginners, we suggest choosing arbs with 2-ways (2-legs).

What is 4-way sure bets (4 – legs)?

It is the same as 3-ways with the only difference that you will have to bet on four events. All the rest is the same methodology and the disadvantage of four ways is that you will place four bets for the same time you have for two and three ways. It is not being used often by the arbitrage players but anyway it is still an opportunity to win money and OddStorm provides it for those of you who think could handle it on time.

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