Bookmakers account verification issues

How to set up bookmakers account verification successfully to make your sports arbitrage betting career easier to start?

Bookmakers account verification |KYC

On the way to successful bookmakers account verification - every time you want to withdraw your money the bookmaker will ask you to verify your identity. It is a long process and it could get you nervous especially when you are in a hurry to get your money, because it could take from few days to few weeks, depending on the situation. To skip this annoying part, Arbitrage Guides team recommend you to do the verification at the beginning, immediately after setting up the account.

If you are using credit cards the bookmaker might ask you to scan and send it and most of you won’t like this. This is one more reason to use e-wallets. If you are Skrill, Neteller or PayPal customer the only thing you might be asked to verify is a screenshot, with your account where your name, e-mail and your transaction to the bookmaker is visible. It is up to you which way is more comfortable for you.

One more important thing that you need to know about bookmakers account verification is that if you deposit money by e-wallet, the only way to withdraw your money back will be through e-wallet again. If you deposit money by credit card you can withdraw them only by the same credit card. If you deposit money by e-wallet and want to withdraw them through credit card or the opposite, the bookmaker will reject your request. So, to summarize: you must use the same method for depositing and withdrawing money from the bookmaker, otherwise, your request won't be approved. No exceptions are allowed.

There are two more things that the bookmakers might require from you to complete the verification successfully – scan of your ID from both sides to prove your age and your identity, and proof of your address (any kind of bill, like phone or electricity bill, not older than three months).

The verification process is something that you must do for sure and will be much easier if you do it in the beginning. It will save you time and troubles.

All this process is called KYC (Know Your Customer) and each bookmaker has one. KYC is usually two-three steps process and until your account is fully verified you will not be able to make a withdraw. Below, you can see a picture with an example from Bet365.

Bookmakers Account Verification

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