Moving odds and technical errors in arbitrage betting

What is moving odds and what if it happens anyway?

What is moving odds and technical error in sports arbitrage betting?

To give you a more clear idea of what is moving odds we are going to discuss the following example. In Sports Arbitrage Betting the first thing you need to do is to choose a sure bet from the list with sports arbitrage situations. When you choose your sure bet is time to go to the next step which is navigating to the event pages on each bookmaker and place the sure bet. It sounds easy but this will take you some time, so what could go wrong?

Sometimes happens after placing the bet on bookmaker "A", before you could place the bet on bookmaker "B", the odds to change and the arbitrage to decrease its % of profit, becoming 0%, negative or even disappear. It happens a lot but with more arbing experience you will learn how to know which arbitrages are possible to get like this. If it happens you will need to cover the bet with small % of losses.

How to avoid moving odds?

You can’t avoid moving odds but you can learn how to recognize them. Just before placing the bet look the odds history and if it changes too fast don’t bet it if you think there is a risk not to bet on the other side on time. 

What is a Technical error in arbitrage trading?

This is the mistake that you could make by not being focused. For example to bet on bookmaker "A" and when it comes time to bet on bookmaker "B" to realize that you don’t have enough stakes on bookmaker "B" to cover the bet.

How to avoid technical error and what if it happens anyway?

Look carefully before you do something and be sure that you have enough money on each bookmaker. If you are a beginner and are betting on PreMatch don’t bet on events that will start in few minutes to be sure you will have enough time to correct eventual errors. If it happens anyway just cover your bet again as fastest you can. You can see a technical error situation in this video tutorial: "How to Bet on InPlay"

(For this tutorial we are using the fastest sports arbitrage delivery service - OddStorm)

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