Is betting a skill or luck?

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Is betting a skill or luck?
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This is a good question , in my opinion it can be both skill and luck and i will explain . A lot of times most punters have a vast knowledge of the teams they bet on based on their previous performances , stats and form of the players , it is also luck in the sense that they aint the ones playing the actual game and they can only but hope that the outcome of the game comes in their favour . if it does then their in luck and if doesnt then the lose their funds .let me tell you about my own ordeal . i met one punter online who took crypto from people and claims he gives sure and fixed games . I paid a sum of 2000$ in cryptocurrency . i sent the bitcoins and i never heard from him again. I told my co - worker jane and she told me about some programmers  on w h a t s a p p -   (+12138225254)  AND they  go after those who rip people off their cryptocurrency . They were able to reclaim every penny of my money . 

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it is neither skill or luck, it is skill + luck + patience

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Is betting a skill or luck?


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