1xbet wrong odds issue

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Many of you have wondered why OddStorm sometimes shows different odds in the Software compared with 1xbet odds.

The reasons are few:

1) 1xbet shows different odds for logged in and logged out users. OddStorm is currently scanning it as logged out user but this will change soon.

2) Even if you are logged in, 1xbet shows different odds before and after you click on them. For example if you click on odd 7.4 when you take a look at the betslip you will see that it has changed to 6.6 (from the second screenshot). This is 1xbet error and none of the surebets softwares can’t click on each odd, open the betslip and then get the value of the odd. Thant’s why OddStorm scans the odds before they are clicked. This happens from time to time and it is up to 1xbet to fix their interface.

3) Sometimes OddStorm caches odds changes before the bookmaker shows it in their platform. This means that you could see 2.89 in the bookmaker but when you click on it it will load 2.95 in the betslip (screenshot 1). The same value (2.95) will be shown in the software as well.

4) Your account is being limited by decreasing odds.

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Hi, As an arbitrage user from a long time i tried Oddstorm few weeks ago.
From the beggining i used to find more less arbs using novibet/1xbet/b365/betfair/sportingbet that competitors.

When i subscribed i tried the service and was so much desapointed. All the arbs using 1Xbet are wrong… And if you quit 1Xbet from your setting you have like 3arbs/hours but for example with betburger you have a lot more.
So i used to stop the Oddsotrm subscription as it is useless for me.
After 1 month i reactived the sub but it´s exacltly the same…
Now they are saying it is 1Xbet fault but i absolutly disagree.
Every arb i click is wrong and the odd in betslip is the same as the odd displayed by the website so the mistake is from Oddstorm…

And of course they have no problem seeling their solution but refund is impossible even if you proove by A + B that oddstorm is useless.
By the end for me it is not an good solution and moreover support very slow and uncomprehensive as possible (you could check by your own at (http://www.oddstorm.com/surebets-inplay/) where they almost no answer question and support by mail is the same.

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Hello @Flavien,

It was hard to believe you because I am also using 1xbet and that’s why I decided to see if for some reason it is not working now.

I have navigated to more than 30 arbitrages (PreMatch) and all of them got right odds. I have made a short video capture for you as a proof. Take a look here.

1xbet wrong odds navigating oddstorm

I have also made few screenshots.

I didn’t bother to make a video for InPlay because OddStorm is the absolute leader for InPlay sure betting and the scanning rate of the bookmakers there is every 1-2 seconds so it is impossible to have delayed odds.

I also contacted exactly 12 arbitrage bettors (some of them are arbing from 2007 till now) and they are all members of OddStorm. None of them got problems. The only reasonable explanation for you to have problems seems to be that 1xbet are cashing some of their odds and this is leading to wrong navigation. I have seen few cases like this and it is 100% 1xbet mistake. All the surebets services will navigate you wrong for such cashed odds. Slow internet connection is second option.

I don’t want to say anything bad for Betburger, because I respect them, but you should know that their scanning rate of the odds is slower than OddStorm and that’s why they have more arbitrages (because most of them are not actual but still showing), but a fact is a fact.

I have contacted OddStorm’s support team and it seems like they gave you support even through Skype and have suspended and reactivated your subscription few times which is exceptional because they don’t have such politic.

I completely disagree that OddStorm is useless. Considering how much money I and many other earn through OddStorm it is ridiculous to say it is useless. Maybe you just can’t make it work for you.

The live chat in OddStorm is not their official place for support. It is more for announcements so don’t expect response there because what will happen if everybody start asking questions there and OddStorm support team start answering there? It will become spam chat where you can’t read anything because many people will type at the same time. The main support way is through e-mail to support@oddstorm.com.

Arbitrage Guides Team

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I decided to make another video when I am logged in and only one arbitrage was wrong with difference 0.12 which is just odds change while I am navigating: watch video here.

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Hi, thanks for your answer, that´s right i forgot a little detail. I play in live with auto navigation. (290e/month)
Maybe it work prematch but in live there is huge differences.
The first one arb above 0% with 1Xbet was making the video!
I enclosed screenshoots.
So please be advised as i bought a service that not respect salepage: “live odds for 1Xbet” no refund was offered.

As you said: “I completely disagree that OddStorm is useless. Considering how much money I and many other earn through OddStorm it is ridiculous to say it is useless. Maybe you just can’t make it work for you.”

Maybe people get results with others bookmakers, i use b365, betfair, pinnacle, 1Xbet as alñl of them was writen as working in salespage.
Could you honestly said that i get the service i pay for?

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It seems like you are limited from 1xbet. They way to limit arbitrage bettors is by decreasing the odds. One of our members just told me that he opened account in 1xbet, bet 2 days and get limited by decreasing odds. Then he withdraw his money, but his friends didn’t succeeded and 1xbet hold even their deposits.

So basically all the mentioned bookmakers by you – Betfair, Pinnacle, bet365 and 1xbet are working just great. Even OddStorm is the only one that provides so much Back/Lay surebets and so many martkets for these bookmakers and are scanning them faster than any other service on the market. The problem is that you are limited in 1xbet and only because one bookmaker don’t work for you (even if the problem was at OddStorm no matter it isn’t) doesn’t mean the whole service is useless as you said.

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