Arbitrage Guides works with only a few but completely enough partners to make your arbing experience the best. Our main partner with who we cooperate closely is OddStorm LTD.

They have the fastest surebets delivery and are the oldest sports arbitrage service on the market (from 2006). Staying on the first place from the very beginning until now could mean only one thing – quality services and professionalism. We have their permission to record and make a detailed description of the software, so that in our arbitrage training you will get real time betting examples and will see how it happens not only on theory but for real. With our course you will get into the world of Sports Arbitrage Betting and thanks to OddStorm we will keep our course updated with the latest news and tricks to get you to the sure profit.

Our indirect partners are also Skrill and Pinnacle – they are close partners with OddStorm and have great offers for OddStorm customers. You will definitely need e-wallet and at least one bookmaker who will welcome you as an arbitrage player but there are few things you must do before getting these benefits and it is all described in our course. All this is one of the necessary steps to take and by going through all the steps from our course you will get to the end of the way to successful sports arbitrage betting.

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If you are interested in learning and practise sports arbitrage betting at the same time there is a special offer for you.

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Free Arbitrage Training Course

FREE Arbitrage Training course

COMPLETE Arbitrage Training course

COMPLETE Arbitrage Training course


We are highly motivated team and have got big experience in arbitrage betting. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know and guide you through the way from beginner to professional arbitrage investor and start making good money for less time with less mistakes.

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Complete Arbitrage Guides - Includes video tutorials, actual examples, detailed explanation for everything you need to know for sports arbitrage betting (surebets) and how to use OddStorm, including hints and tips.

Free Arbitrage Guides - Sample course which shows how the complete course will look like.

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OddStorm is the fastest odds delivery service on the market: 1-3 seconds for InPlay and 15 seconds for PreMatch. They support unique InPlay navigation that will lead you directly to the betting event page with a single click. All you will have to do is click "bet".


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