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Hello, I have a sort of "middle" but with 3 bets. If I hit the "Middle", i win 2 of the 3 bets, if I don't hit the "middle" i win just 1 ofthe 3 bets and there is no way to not hit at least 1 bet of the 3.

I bet a total of 6.00 € in the 3 bets, if I hit the middle (win 2 of 3 bets) I receive back 6.08 (including the initial 6.00€). If I don't hit the middle, I win just 1 of 3 bets and will losse only 2.96 €. The starting Bank is 600 €

How can I calculate the odds of winnig?, the Profit/Loss, the Yield and ROI, assuming 100 bets (66 bets win and 34 loose)?

I Think the odds are 6.08 / 2.96 = 2.05, but if i win 66 bets and loose 34 (i hit 66% of the time and loose 34% of the time) what numbers do I have to use here? 

I am not sure, but i have to invest 6 € to receive 6.08, but I am only risking 2.96, so I think i am risking 2.96 to 6.08 (odds = 2.05) and not risking 6.00 € to receive 0.08 €. The problem i see is that i dont know what number do use calculate the ROI, Profit/Loss, Yield, etc


I Hope you can help, thanks in advance

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Hello, next time please attach a screenshot of the middle, because this way it's unclear and hard for reading. Here is some info for Middles that will help you clear some understandings for middles: middles arbs

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