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“Arbitrage Betting Course” is free online educational course for betting on sports arbitrages, also known as “sure bets”. It contains more than 80 units that will give you all the required information to make you a successful sports arbitrage bettor and turn gambling into clever investment!

If you are dedicated and focused with desire to invest in sure profit and want to …

Work on peace and quiet from home Earn money depending on the work time spent
Work for your own without any bosses Learn everything for sports arbitrage betting
Be more clever and beat the bookies Turn gambling into clever investment

…then you are one step closer to get into the world of Sports Arbitrage Betting!

Just sign up and start learning how to achieve all of this by going through the free course!

We are practicing sports arbitrage betting since 2007 in the very beginning and our experience is huge. We are more than happy to share everything we know with you and get you prepared for the world of arbitrage betting where after our guides no one will get out of it without profit.Now there is an easy way to get started with our free arbitrage guides course.

Each lesson in this training course includes the following parts:

The video section is usually between one and five minutes and the content is explained in very attractive way. If you don’t understand something the full script is given, and you can write to our support anytime if there is something unclear. 
In this section everything is detailed explained with a lot of actual examples to make it easier to understand.
At the end of every lesson there is a part with test questions with the most important facts to check what you have learned and be sure that you know the most important things. The test is friendly and there will be no consequences if you fail the test. You can take it over and over again until  you think it’s enough.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Turn gambling into investing
  • Get profit no matter the outcome
  • Understand the math behind sports arbitrage
  • Use e-wallets with special benefits
  • Distribute your money between the bookmaker accounts
  • Use OddStorm software
  • Learn how to bet, thanks to the actual examples
  • Avoid being limited by bookmakers
  • Recognize the risks situations in arbitrage betting

Detailed explanation of each step of the course you can find in the curriculum on the left.

You have the opportunity to try all this for free and the only thing you have to do is just to sign up for the free arbitrage guides course and check how the complete one will look like.

Don’t waste more time and get started with your sports arbitrage career! Become PRO

Let’s turn gambling into investing!

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    Good course Iliyan!

  2. Profile photo of Marek Wochlik

    Marek Wochlik

    It the best ways to play on bookmakers !!!

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    Brilliant work

    I really enjoyed your unlocked course! Now I am arbing from 2 weeks and have already won 220 Euros! 110 euros more and I will cover both my Arbitrage Guides Complete Course and OddStorm’s subscriptions! My bankroll is not that big but I will definitely increase it to start earning more money than to cover my subscriptions. But it works and I am very excited! Thanks, Arbitrage Guides Team! For teaching me! All the information in your course was very useful!

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    Great course

    Thank you! It helped me a lot. I have made my first profit already :) Will keep going to see how much will make for one month. Max rating from me :)

  5. Profile photo of Arbitrage Guides

    Thank you

    Thank you all! We are happy to see that our work is appreciated and it actually help others! Please note that we are updating the information in the course frequently, making it better and better, so keep an eye from time to time to be updated with the latest news. Thank you all again and wish you happy arbing!

  6. Profile photo of Arber

    Awesome course!

    Great course. It was very useful for me.

  7. Profile photo of Goran

    Best Course!

    I was amazed how easy is to make arbitrages and then I decided to take a look at your payed course. I was again surprised what terrible mistakes were going to make if I haven’t read your paid guides. Now I have already won 200+ euros with OddStorm and will keep going! Thank you Iliyan and I suggest this course especially to the beginners. It definitely worth it because it saves me money and time. Good job!

  8. Profile photo of Kimberly

    Very professional guides and support

    Short review: very professional guides, good support, great video examples. I have won 760 euros already after my first month arbing. Your guides helped me a lot to prevent making the most common mistakes that beginners usually make. Your course worth the money and I will recommend it to other beginners. Great work!

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    Your course is amazing

    Can’t say how much this helped me… I followed step by step everything and it’s exactly as you said in your courses. It worked! Thank you very much!

  10. Profile photo of Romberto

    Awesome course

    The information provided in the unlocked units was very well-structured. Good job and thank you for the cheap price! 39 Euros is nothing compared with what I could have lost if I didn’t follow your guides …

  11. Profile photo of Ivaylo

    Perfect Course

    Very good courses. The video examples helped me the most. I have placed few successful sure bets in the free version of OddStorm and now will move to the paid one.

  12. Profile photo of Georgios

    I have enjoyed and learn a lot of new things from the free course. You got my attention and will buy your complete course! Good job

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We are highly motivated team and have got big experience in arbitrage betting. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know and guide you through the way from beginner to professional arbitrage investor and start making good money for less time with less mistakes.

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Complete Arbitrage Guides - Includes video tutorials, actual examples, detailed explanation for everything you need to know for sports arbitrage betting (surebets) and how to use OddStorm, including hints and tips.

Free Arbitrage Guides - Sample course which shows how the complete course will look like.

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