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Why to choose OddStorm?

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    There are many alert services on the market and you should know which of them are reliable. If you want to make the best choice you have to evaluate many factors like: speed, quality of odds, range of supported bookmakers and sports, markets coverage, arbitrage types (Surebets, Middles, Polish Middles), events coverage (Live or Future), customer support and not in last position – subscription price.

    We are working with OddStorm because we believe they are (from 2006) and will always be the global leader from all sports arbitrage betting (alert) services. We will structure their main advantages and disadvantages in a short list to make your choice easier when it comes time to choose.

    OddStorm advantages:

    1. OddStorm provides arbitrages for both InPlay and PreMatch
    2. You can choose from both Web and Desktop App – It is recommended to use the Desktop App /download/ because it is updated more frequently and it supports auto navigation. Otherwise, they have the same functionalities and speed. You can read how to use the Desktop App in the OddStorm’s manual.
    3. OddStorm is the one and only that in addition to Surebets, provides Middles and Polish Middles, all for both InPlay and PreMatch.
    4. OddStorm is the fastest odds delivery service on the market since 2006 and till now, no one can create a faster one. They deliver odds every 1-3 seconds for InPlay and average 15 seconds for PreMatch. Speed is one of the qualities that a reliable alert service must have. This is one of the main reasons why almost all the professional arbitrage bettors choose OddStorm instead of its competitors.
    5. OddStorm has unique navigation that leads you straight to the betting event page with a single click and all you have to do is click “bet”. It is the only navigation that is 100% not trackable by the bookmakers compared with different navigations like deep linking (easy to be tracked which will cause to limit your account). It could run at the same time on several virtual machines or computers.
    6. OddStorm supports BACK / LAY arbitrages for betting exchanges with option to navigate only current odd and manually set your commission.
    7. OddStorm supports more than 60 bookmakers and clones. You can see the complete list here: OddStorm Supported Bookmakers.
    8. OddStorm is the only service that has bypassed the security of Tempobet. This could be used as a proof for the quality of their work.
    9. OddStorm has many useful filters like filter bookmakers, tournaments, leagues, odds and etc. It even has alarm to inform you if arbitrage with selected criteria appears.
    10. OddStorm has it’s own Odds Comparison and Odd History database – you can see the history of every odd and it’s changes in real time.
    11. OddStorm has training program specially made for it where you will learn everything for sports arbitrage betting explained with many video tutorials and actual examples: Complete Arbitrage Guides
    12. If you haven’t tried it yet, maybe a question for a free trial will be your first experience with their wonderful Customer Support Team! You will get an answer on time no matter what your question is, so contact them, they are friendly.

    OddStorm disadvantages:

    1. The main disadvantage of OddStorm is the small range of supported sports. Currently, they support only Football, but till the end of June 2017, Tennis and Basketball will be added and then will move on to adding other sports.
    2. Not all the supported bookmakers are available for navigating. You can see which are available for navigating in their manual in section “Navigation” or at the page from the link in “point 7” or by contacting them by e-mail at: OddStorm is consistently adding new bookmakers and their goal is to make all the currently supported ones available for navigating. If you want to request new bookmaker to be added or be available for navigating, you can do it on the topic here: request bookmakers.
    3. The price list is a little bit pricey and it could look too expensive for a beginner. Anyway, if you have the chance to try their service you will convince that the subscription price can be returned for only a few days arbing. Their subscription prices are equal to the quality of their service, so be sure you will get the best for your investment.

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have for OddStorm or to share your experience with others.

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    Dear Iliyan,

    Thank you for helping our potential members to understand clearly our advantages and disadvantages.
    We will appreciate if you and your members share any ideas that could improve our service.

    OddStorm Support Team

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    The best service from all!

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    I agree with you. Other services I have tried don’t provide such good surebets. I hope to see OddStorm support Tennis in near future.

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    @rocky, Tennis and Basketball will be added till the end of November. For a beginning only the main bookmakers like Pinnacle, Bet365, Bwin and etc will be supported but later will support all.
    Be sure that the waiting will worth it. We will announce the news in this topic: OddStorm Updates

    Feel free to request new bookmakers or features. We will appreciate any ideas!

    OddStorm Support Team

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