circumvent betting winnig limitations

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Today bring up a topic that I had not seen in any forum, and that I consider extremely important for the perpetuation of sports arbitration. At some point, all bookmakers, with the exception of pinnacle, will limit our accounts on account of winnings. When that happens we will have to play on someone else's behalf. But it will not be that simple, because we will not be able to use the same machine at first, be it cell phone, pc, notebook, because the houses record our ips, or mac adress or whatever wool. So how to resolve this issue?


 First option to use vpn from our own country, for example I am Brazilian, I am going to use a Brazilian vpn, but there are some questions, first question can the houses identify when we are using vpn and will cancel our account? Second question, I've heard a theory, I don't know if it makes sense that they record a kind of serial number on the device, I think they told me that the name was mac adress, and not just the ip, which theoretically would make a vpn not be useful, does this proceed? Third question if the vpn indicates that I am in São Paulo for example, and my proof of residence is from Rio de Janeiro, can I have complications? (Note that they are different cities, but belong to the same country)


second option: rent a notebook or buy cell phones, whenever it is limited by the bookmaker, but then the following question arises, if I choose this path, my internet access will be via internet routing from my main cell phone, route 4g to these devices, however this same 4g has already been used to log into other accounts, and hence my question arises that it is possible that the bookmaker can somehow identify that internet that is being used there, already was used to log into other accounts and block your account? (it should be noted once again that I will not be routing my wifi network only to the mobile internet data of my cell phone)


If you have other suggestions on how to circumvent this earnings limitation, please submit them.


I believe that these issues are the most important for the perpetuation of sports arbitration and that is why I open the discussion. All discussions that I see related to VPN are usually linked to using gambling facilities not allowed in your country. Realize that this is not the case. I want to use houses allowed in my country, but which have already limited me due to my high earnings      

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Virtual machine + proxy resident.

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how to get new id's for new accounts?

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