BWIN and SPORTINGBET close my accounts

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Hi all


A few days ago i placed on both bookie, two different accumulator tennis and football together, both came in for a total of 11k £, ( stake and winnings).

After first one came in they block my withdraw and few hours later booth account were close. so i can't log in.

I contact the costumer service and i got told my account's are close and under investigation, and no information about it, they just saying they will let me know once the investigation it's over.


Did anyone have similar experience??

will i ever get my money back?

How long it's going to take? 

How they will refund me if so?

Which association do i need to contact to make and official complain? if they taking too long?


Thanks for your help to everyone



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This is a situation where everyone gets in early or later. It depends on many factors if you would get your money back. How is your conversation going so far with them so we could give you some advice on this basis?

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I'm sorry to hear you lost your money. Things like that don't happen in trading, maybe you should check it out

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