3 way handicap betting explained

What is 3 Way Handicap?

3 way handicap betting represents alternate of 3-way surebet with outcomes 1, X, 2. It could be a combination from only Asian Handicaps or it could be mixed with European Handicaps. In some cases you can only return your money, win partly or fully win the sure bet. We will show you a combination for 3 Way Handicap between AH and EH and will give a detailed explanation how everything is calculated.

3 way handicap betting explained

The screenshot above is captured from OddStorm surebets software. It shows 3way handicap between Marathonbet, Bwin and Unibet.

Firstly let’s explain the abbreviations:

  • AH 1 (-0.25) means Home team to win. In case of draw – half stakes will be refunded and half will be lost.
  • EH 2 (+1) means Away team to win or match to be draw.
  • AH 2 (-0.5) means Away team to win.

3 way handicap betting explained

Let’s calculate:

  • 1) If Slavoj Vysehrad WIN, you will win 100 * 1.82 – (100 + 58.66 + 11.49) = 182.00 – 170.15 = 11.85
    because your bet on AH 1 (-0.25) in Marathonbet will be winning and you will lose your bets on Bwin and Unibet.
  • 2) If the result is DRAW, you will win 58.66 * 2.25 – (50 + 58.66 + 11.49) = 131.98 – 120.15 = 11.83
    because your bet on EH 2 (+1) in Bwin will be winning, half of your bet in Marathon will be refunded and half will be lost and your bet in Unibet will be also lost.
  • 3) If Sparta Prague WIN, you will win (11.49 * 4.35) + (58.66 * 2.25) – (100 + 58.66 + 11.49) = 49.98 + 131.98 – 170.15= 11.81
    because your bet on EH 2 (+1) in Bwin and AH 2 (-0.5) in Unibet will win and only the stakes in Marathonbet will be lost.

Representation of the line in the bookies

You can also find the 3-way handicap line represented in different ways in the different bookies. For example, take a look at Bwin and WilliamHill compared:

3 way handicap betting explained

3 way handicap betting explained


Three way handicap betting is a little bit complicated to understand the calculations, but you won’t really need to, because the surebet software calculates everything for you and if it shows such arbitrage, this means it really exists, because the calculations have already been made. So just trust it because you won’t have much time to check if the calculations are correct! It is not recommended for beginners to start with 3 way surebets no matter if they are handicap or other type because especially if you are betting on InPlay you need to be fast and place the 3 outcomes before the lines change and the arbitrage becomes negative or decrease its value. For beginners it’s better to start with PreMatch and arbitrages with 2 outcomes. You will find complete tutorial step by step for what a beginner should do to get safer arbing experience in our courses.

If you like how we explain things like 3-way handicap betting in this case, you will find other examples and more detailed explanation of similar and different cases in our courses below. If not, we will still appreciate your feedback by posting a comment below or simply rate the post. Your oppinion is valuable for us because this is why we write the articles – to help arbers in their beginning!

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